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We offer project consultation, design, installation, procurement, commissioning, operation and maintenance according to customers’ requirements.

We are expert in customized services:
1. We are: excellent professional customization and OEM service provider, focusing on PV modules customization and OEM service for more than decades.

2. Our team: professional photovoltaic design, rich technical application experience, mature product manufacturing techniques, and efficient core management team.

3. We have: industry-leading intelligent production line of high-efficiency PV modules, different types of photovoltaic modules are available.

4. We believe: best quality products, professional services and experienced team will meet various demands of the customers.

Product application

1. Distributed industrial and commercial power station
The company builds distributed industrial and commercial power stations with the concept of energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable utilization. The company can undertake power station projects such as industrial and commercial roofs, office building roofs and industrial and commercial parks. The company can provide one-stop solutions such as technical support and installation. Starting from the formulation of implementable solutions, the company provides a series of high-quality services and builds high-quality distributed industrial and commercial power stations.

2. Independent photovoltaic power station (off grid)
Independent photovoltaic power stations are mainly used in remote areas without electricity. The main purpose of their construction is to solve the problem of no electricity. The company can undertake projects in remote areas and areas that need power supply in case of power failure.

3. Household solar power generation system (on grid)
The building roof photovoltaic system is the good combination product of photovoltaic products and building roofs. It is also a high integration of renewable energy technology and buildings which is a positive contribution to building energy conservation. It can be widely used on the roof of ordinary residential houses with wide capacity range from 2KW to 20KW and with characteristics of convenient installation, simple design, roof protection and beautiful appearance. Our company can customize practical and beautiful household solar power generation system according to your house and your requirements.


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