Less photovoltaic investment and slow installation progress under the continuous surge of silicon materials?

Since the beginning of this year, polysilicon prices have continued to rise. As of August 17, the silicon material has risen 27 times in a row, with an average of 305,300 yuan / ton comparing with the price of 230,000 yuan / ton at the beginning of the year, the cumulative increase has exceeded 30%.

The price of silicon material has surged, not only the downstream component factories "can't bear it", but also the rich and powerful central state-owned enterprises have felt the pressure. Many investors of central power plants said that the high price components have reduced the actual installation progress.

However, judging from the PV investment quota and new installed capacity data from January to July this year, it seems that it has not been affected by this. According to the statistics of the national power industry from January to July released by the National Energy Administration, the new installed capacity in July was still 6.85GW, and the project investment was 19.1 billion yuan.

Despite the jump in the price of silicon material and the imbalance of the industrial chain, 2022 will probably still be a "big year" of photovoltaic. In 2022, China's newly installed photovoltaic capacity is expected to be 85-100GW, with a year-on-year growth of 60% - 89%.

However, a total of 37.73GW has been installed in January to July, which means that in the rest five months, the PV should complete 47-62GW of installed capacity, in other words at least 9.4GW of installed capacity per month. At present, the difficulty is not small. But from last year's situation, the new installed capacity in 2021 is mainly concentrated in the fourth quarter, and the installed capacity in the fourth quarter is 27.82 million kilowatts, accounting for more than 50% of the new capacity in the whole year (54.88 million kilowatts in the whole year), which is not necessarily impossible.

From January to July, the investment in power supply projects of major power generation enterprises in China was 260 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 16.8%. Among them, solar power generation was 77.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 304.0%.

continuous surge of silicon materials 2
continuous surge of silicon materials

Post time: Aug-31-2022