EARLYSOLAR-High Efficiency And Energy Conservation Solar Lamp

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Clean energy, low-carbon, environmentally friendly and pollution-free power generation
A solar lamp is an electric lamp that is converted into electric energy by a solar panel. During the day, even on cloudy days, this solar generator (solar panel) can collect and store solar energy. As a kind of safe and environmental protection new electric lamp, solar lamp has been paid more and more attention.

The solar lamp is composed of solar cell modules, some LED lamps, control box (including charger, controller and battery) and lamp pole.

Key Feature

*Energy conservation and emission reduction: provide electric energy by solar photoelectric conversion, which is inexhaustible. Save energy.
*Green environmental protection: no pollution, no voice, no radiation
*Safety factor: the required voltage and current are small, the heating is small, and there is no potential safety hazard.
*Convenient maintenance: the installation is simple, eliminating the cable auxiliary line project, and there is no need for a large number of power supply facilities
*Super long life: the product has high scientific and technological content. The control system and accessories are international brands and intelligent design
*High grade: scientific and technological products and green energy. Users pay attention to science and technology, improve green image and grade.
*Less investment: one-time investment is equivalent to AC, one-time investment, long-term use.
*Light health: the light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays and does not produce radiation.
*Visual protection: DC drive, no stroboscopic.
*High light efficiency: 90% of electric energy is converted into visible light.

SPECIFICATION: Multi models.

Application: Solar lighting engineering

The company can undertake solar lighting projects. The project is widely used in municipal road energy-saving lighting projects, new rural construction road lighting projects, landscape lighting and other green energy-saving projects. The company can also undertake beautiful rural projects and lighting projects in resorts and hotels.

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