EARLYSOLAR-Ultra-High Power Components MBB/580-600W

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Based on the large size of 210mm silicon wafers, the application of innovative non-destructive cutting technology and high-density packaging technology, low voltage, high string power, single string component power increased by 34%, the maximum power up to 670W, the efficiency up to 21.6%. Lead the industry to officially enter the new era of photovoltaic 600W+.

600W+ ultra-high power, 21.2% module efficiency

Based on a 210mm large-size silicon wafer, PERC monocrystalline cell, the series adopts an innovative density version design, which can exceed 600W of power and has an efficiency of up to 21.2%. The series’ excellent temperature coefficient and low irradiation performance increase the power generation of the module, which is large and extraordinary, not simply stacking power, and the efficiency of the component is improved simultaneously.

Low voltage, high string power, 41% higher single string power

R&D team to improve system efficiency, reduce BOS as permanent goal of component design, we adopt the design idea of low voltage and high string power. For example,600W components ,under typical conditions, each string can be installed 33 Block components; Compared with other brand products, the single string power increase is about41%, which can be reduced 15% brackets dosage and 17% the basic amount of bracket and 35% of he number of combiner boxes. At the same time it can be saved 11% cable usage and 7% the construction cost, This has created an innovative technological breakthrough and promoted the photovoltaic industry to enter600W+Era.

Component system integration solutions

The components are compatible with the market’s leading inverter and mounting systems。This smart and optimized solution,on the basis of this series of components, it is equipped with a custom-designed NCLAVE bracket. The new system design ensures system safety and reliability while maximizing the performance of the 210 components. In addition, for the special battery structure of the 210 components, the team will develop a new algorithm model for adaptation, which will bring an additional 1-2% power generation gain.

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