EARLYSOLAR-High Efficiency Solar Insecticidal Lamp

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Solar radiation insecticidal lamp, solar multipurpose insecticidal lamp and vertical pole solar insecticidal lamp all belong to solar insecticidal lamp. They have made outstanding contributions to energy conservation and environmental protection, reducing pesticide residues, improving product quality and reducing environmental pollution. Single lamp solar insecticidal lamp is widely used in agriculture, forestry, vegetables, storage, tea, tobacco, gardens, greenhouses, vineyards Aquaculture and other fields.

(1) Large trapping and killing range and long service life.
(2) Good pest control effect and high killing efficiency.
(3) It has wide application range and many kinds of functions, and can trap and kill more than 1000 kinds of pests.
(4) Realize pollution-free and reduce the burden for the people.
(5) Improve output and quality, increase production and income. After long-term use, the yield will increase by more than 10% – 25%, and in some areas, it will reach more than 100%, achieve pollution-free agricultural products, restore ecological balance, increase the number of beneficial insects and protect the natural enemies of pests.
(6) Energy saving, environmental protection, safety and convenience.
(7) Economical and affordable.
(8) The machine has stable performance, reliable quality, reasonable structure, strong wind resistance, high and low angles can be adjusted at any time and is easy to use. Its appearance is beautiful and generous, and its continuous installation can also form a bright spot of agricultural sightseeing tourism.
(9) green environmental protection, environmental protection, natural harmony and healthy human beings.

SPECIFICATION: Multi models.

Application: Prevention engineering

The company, together with the Department of science and technology, will carry out industrial upgrading of solar physical prevention and control to improve the accuracy and durability of solar physical prevention and control. Solar physical prevention and control uses the characteristics and principles of physical light, wave, color and taxis to determine the induced wavelength of the target, develop a special light source, and lure the target to the light source of the lamp by using the low-temperature plasma and ultraviolet radiation generated by discharge, The high-pressure killing net outside the light source will attract the target through its specific spectral line radiation to achieve the effect of physical prevention and control.

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