EARLYSOLAR-Solar Roof Flat Tile (Monocrystalline)

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Clean energy, low-carbon, environmentally friendly and pollution-free power generation
Class A. Fire-proof
Class F. Wind-Proof
Exquisite craft with High quality


1. Solar roof flat tiles have the functions of power generation, building components and building materials, and can even change the color of photovoltaic tiles to increase aesthetic effect.
2. Solar roof flat tiles adopt a flat tile structure. Compared with the traditional tile, it has more excellent characteristics such as green environmental protection, power generation and energy saving, thermal insulation, fire prevention, water penetration and hail resistance.
3. Easy installation. Solar roof flat tiles are laid on the special guide channel through upper and lower engagement, which is easy and fast to install, greatly reducing the installation time and cost of the project and improving the installation efficiency.
4. Simple maintenance. If one of solar roof flat tiles is damaged, this damaged one can be moved and replaced without affecting other tiles.


*Roofing building materials innovation
Instead of traditional building materials, high value-added green building materials

*Fashion and simple appearance
Beautiful appearance is uniform to meet the visual requirements of the building

*Power generation performance is superior
Low-light power generation performance is strong
High adaptability of high temperature environment

*Integrated installation
Integrated building installation (BIPV)
Meet the building waterproof requirements

Mechanical parameters

Dimensions 1460mm*437mm*21mm
Weight 12kg
Application Level A

Electrical parameters

Power PMPP (+5/-0W) W 95W
Power tolerance W -3/+2w
Short-circuit current ISC A 3.96A
Open circuit voltage voc V 31.06V
Max power point voltage V 26.46V
Max power point current A 3.59A

System integration feature parameters

Max system voltage V 1000V
Max Series Fuse Rating A 20A

Temperature coefficient at 1,000 W/m2
PMPPγ[%/K]-0.32 ISCα[%/K]+0.01 UOCβ[%/K]-0.27

The overall product warranty is 10 years, and the power guarantee by the 25th year, the power generation shall not be less than 85% of the nominal power.

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