EARLYSOLAR-Solar Roof Curve Tile(CIGS)

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Clean energy, low-carbon, environmentally friendly and pollution-free power generation
Class A. Fire-proof
Class F. Wind-proof
Exquisite craft with High quality
Photovoltaic curved tiles are generally used for inclined building surfaces. They have the functions of power generation, building components and building materials, and can even change the color of photovoltaic tiles to increase aesthetic effect.

Key Feature

*Flat and arc surface fit, high flexibility, can meet all kinds of roof laying requirements
*High transparent tempered glass protection
*High conversion efficiency, good low light performance
*Optional surface material
*Appearance is strictly controlled


1. Ultra light, the low weight of the modules
2. Ultra thin
3. Super strong
4. Efficient conversion rate
5. Thin-film technology subversion and innovation
6. No roof penetrations, eliminating the worry of leakage and damage to valuable contents within the building
7. An aesthetically pleasing solar solution, preserving the original look of the metal roof by blending into the space between the seams.
8. Cold resistance, tide resistance, wind resistance, impact resistance and other characteristics to adapt to the vast majority of the construction environment
9. Shipping rolled instead of flat to enable a more efficient container size, saving money on freight.

Physical Parameters

Product Model HW-MQSB-V2
Color Black
Specification 721 (length) *500 (width) *33 (arch height)mm
Weight 6.5kg
Connector MC4
Warranty 25 years

Electrical Performance Parameters

Chip type copper, indium, gallium and selenium
Open-circuit voltage 10.6V
Power 30W (Standard Edition)
PMPP Current 3.5A
Short circuit current 4.0A
PMPP time voltage 8.6V

Performance Level

Load rating 5400pa
Waterproof grade IP67
Fire rating A
Hail resistance level Level 4(ANSI FM 4473)
Working temperature -40℃~+85℃
Operating humidity 0~80%

The overall product warranty is 10 years, and the power guarantee by the 25th year, the power generation shall not be less than 85% of the nominal power

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